Mark Weatherhead

Owner & Resident Artist

Founder of OfS, having worked in leading tattoo studios in Germany for many years. Marks style is black and grey, surrealistic horror.

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Simon Hubbard

& Resident Artist

Time served creative expert, mixed-media artist & graphic designer. On a journey of transferring creative skills to the sacred art of tattooing.

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Ranee Twyford

Resident Artist

Handpoke tattoo artist. Fine line, sacred geometry and dot work. This ancient technique uses basic tools, requires no electricity and is peaceful.

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Tommy Lee Wendtner

Guest Artist

Horror tattoo guru Tommy Lee Wentdner, originally from Austria. Tommy is one of the worlds very best black and grey, freehand artists.

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Jess Parry

Guest Artist

A versitile tattoo artist with over 9 years of experience. Jess Guest Spots at One For Sorrow Tattoo Parlour in Shrewsbury frequently.

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Tamsin Wilde

Curiosities Curator

Trained forensic anthropologist, specialising in human osteology and macabre curiosities, taxidermy and historical oddities.

Henry Scragg

Curiosities Curator

Owner of the legendary, Curiosities from the Fifth Corner. Sorcerer of macabre curiosities and wizard of the unknown.