• A Dark History of Shrewsbury Prison

    Even after it was decommissioned in 2013, Shrewsbury Prison is still considered as one of the darkest and most haunted places in the world. It is now open to the public as a tourist destination. Beware, however, because Shrewsbury prison is not for the faint of heart. What’s inside Shrewsbury Prison? On the outside, Shrewsbury [...] More
  • Vegan Tattoo Products

    Vegan Tattoo Products

    You will know several people in your life that have a tattoo, some of which will be vegetarian and some of which will be vegan. It’s no secret in the tattoo industry that most tattoo products and tools are not cruelty-free. Several animals are involved in the development and manufacture of these products in order [...] More
  • COVID Safety

    One for Sorrow policies for Covid-19

    We take the safety of our staff and customers with the utmost importance. As a tattoo studio we already follow extremely high standards of hygiene, with the studio being cleaned to the highest levels. However we ask our clients to follow government guidelines in order for us to continue operating.  Failure to comply with the [...] More
  • Harriet Jane Haunted Doll

    Haunted Doll – Karen Paranormal Playful Ghost

    Introducing Harriet Jane, OfS Resident Haunted Doll Harriet Jane joined One For Sorrow in November 2020, sourced by Mark Weatherhead. Mark has been interested in the paranormal for a long time and decided the time was right to add an extra member to the OfS Team. Harriet Jame sits in Marks Studio Office, and is [...] More
  • Darklings Wanted

    Tattoo Artist Wanted

    OfS is looking for another Darkling with a passion for the craft to join our unique & friendly team of creatives. OfS is a professional, inspiring and art focused tattoo studio, where we value our clients and their experience above all. Every station is fully equipped with ergonomic client chairs, artist chair and arm rests, [...] More
  • Necrosphere Interview

    Into the Necrosphere Interview

    Mark Weatherhead of One For Sorrow Tattoo is my guest on this episode.  We caught up about how his career as an artist, black metal, comic books, movies and our shared distinction of having our first tattoos done by the great and powerful Liorcifer.  I also review the latest Barishi record, ?Old Smoke?, spotlight Estonia?s …

  • Skin Deep Summer 2019

    Feature: Skin Deep Summer 2019

    A new dark arts studio has opened in Shrewsbury – we don’t see too many of those around in the UK do we? Led by Mark Weatherhead who was taught by Tommy Lee Wendtner, together they established Monsters Under Your Bed in Cologne.  Following that Mark also worked with Guil Zekri at Reinkarnation.  Now, with his …

  • Tommy Lee Wendtner

    Guest Artist: Tommy Lee Wendtner

    Opening Weekend: June 19th 2019 OfS is happy to have our first Guest Artists confirmed for the opening… Horror Master Tommy Lee Wendtner,? who has appointments available 17th & 18th June. Horror tattoo master Tommy Lee Wendtner (and also Mark Weatherhead?s Mentor) will be joining us as a Resident Artist. He will be working at …

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