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The story of 138 Abbey Foregate Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY2 6AP


Apotropaic Symbols & Witch Marks...

Apotropaic marks and witch marks have been discovered in historic buildings over recent decades. During the renovation of 138 Abbey Foregate, which had stood derelict for many years, strange marks and symbols were discovered burned into the woodwork and fabric of the building. The building, dating back to the 1800’s is in close proximity to many other sites of historical interest, such as the Shrewsbury Abbey and one of the oldest recorded hostelries in England.

138 Abbey Foregate exuded a heavy and imposing presence throughout the renovation phase, with the discovery of small rooms with barred windows, hidden staircases and vaulted basement. The marks discovered in the building have been investigated and are confirmed to be apotropaic, thought to protect the building and the occupants from evil entities such as the devil, demons and witches.