Human Skull – 14SRW3


Real human skull.

Austerity is established in the prominent brow and deep set sockets with inherited patina tones. Earnest structure and notably smooth exterior but nonetheless abundant in intricacy. A stand-out oeuvre.


Stand:  Our human skulls each come with their own bespoke stand- expertly designed and crafted to accommodate and showcase every skull in all of their uniqueness.

Crafted from superior grade steel in a matte black finish and home to prestigious brass accents, the pivotal qualities of the stand allow for precise alteration of angles ensuring that each skull can be positioned and displayed exactly as intended.

An outstanding means of exhibiting your skull in all of its obscurity.

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Authentic male geriatric human skull.


All remains are treated with the respect they deserve and we kindly ask that this continues.

All human remains are antique and exceed the age of 150 years.

Our information is derived from examination of the remains and is therefore entirely speculative.

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