Tattoo Aftercare


Always choose the very best tattoo artist for the job so that you can be assured of the best possible outcome. After you have chosen your tattoo artist, they will provide you with detailed instructions of how to care for your new tattoo. You will achieve the very best outcome if you pay attention and follow the instructions provided.

Most of the instructions provided are industry standard and have been tried and tested for many years. Pay careful attention to the details provided to allow your new tattoo to properly heal and last.


If using a film covering (cling-film) then carefully remove after 2-3 hours. If using Suprasorb or Dermalize carefully remove the next day (within 24 hours). If the wrap starts to come-away or air gets into the tattoo covering at any point during this time then remove immediately.


Once removed clean your tattoo and surrounding area with warm water and a PH skin neutral antibacterial soap which contains no added perfumes. Clean away any excess ink, process product and blood residue and repeat this process with cold water to help to counteract and subdue any swelling.

Pat the tattoo dry with a paper towel, never wipe the tattoo and leave to air dry completely for approximately 45 minutes. This air drying allows the tattoo to close and for your body to form a natural barrier. Once the tattoo has air dried apply a thin layer of aftercare cream, always use a recommended tattoo aftercare product. Use a small amount of aftercare cream to soften the area, not to make it wet as this will keep the tattoo open and vulnerable to infection.

Over the course of the first 3 days repeat this process 3 or 4 times per day.

Over the next 14 days continue to care for your tattoo as instructed above, apply a small amount of cream twice daily after washing. A small amount of dry skin and scabbing may occur, this is natural and will come away by itself.


Buy the correct tattoo aftercare product. We stock and sell the leading recommended products in the studio or on our website, click here to view our aftercare range.

DO NOT apply too much moisturizing product or ointment to the tattoo. This action, along with poor hygiene and general care, is one of the most common ways that tattoos become infected.

NEVER rub, scratch or pick your tattoo. If the tattoo becomes dry and flakey simply apply a little aftercare cream and leave it alone.

AVOID direct sunlight, swimming and contact sports.

AVOID saunas and bathing, showering is fine.

AVOID pets and animals. If you are in regular contact with an animal then keep your tattoo covered at all times.

BE SENSIBLE – use the right products, in the right amounts and keep your general hygiene and cleanliness to a high standard. If you have a problem then contact the studio immediately and we will be able to advise and assist you accordingly.

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